Seneko – Soul Numbers (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 months ago
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Stan Olshefski was changed when he first heard The Jayhawks. Their melodic Americana struck something in him and unleashed the inspiration that led him down his current musical path. Now on his third EP in four years — entitled Soul Numbers — and creating music under the name Seneko, Olshefski has found his own voice and style in bouncing rhythms and quiet intensity. 

“Callin’ Of The Cause” launches into Seneko’s twang-fuelled world of gospel fills and electric guitar licks. Here, as on “Lost On Me”, you can hear the comparisons to Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground in the understated delivery. But just like Reed and Seneko’s Jayhawk idols, there is no shortage of fun in the songwriting. The call-and-response flow of “Jenny’s with Irene” and the building, repeated hooks of “The Devil You Don’t Know” make for tunes that stick to you. 

But there is a restraint in the rock energy of Soul Numbers. Closing track “One Hot Shot” allows storytelling to shine as the song cracks open, bringing the range of talents from the Americana songwriter into the light. 

To hear more from this Connecticut artist, you can follow Seneko on his Facebook page and Spotify. You can also follow the artist on Twitter

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