My Silent Bravery – “Got it Going On” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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There’s no shortage of irony on My Silent Bravery’s clip for “Got it Going On”. The track and video have a dash of the 90s in vocal bassline layering and flashy colours. We see women in bikinis as they wash cars and enjoy the hot summer day, but the perhaps familiar images are given a twist with the arrival of the protagonist and his dog. In a double twist, the dog becomes the real star of the video–despite fierce screen competition. There’s no shortage of playfulness here. Everyone is a caricature and no one tries to hide it. It’s entertainment in an unbridled sense. Your new late-summer jam.

Matt Wade’s quick-step vocals keep the track fresh while well-mixed layers add a polished feel that glints off the bright and summery visuals. The track keeps it short and sweet, and ends with everyone relaxing in the sun. Just try not to feel upbeat while watching, I dare you.

To hear more from My Silent Bravery, you can check out his website, Facebook page, and Soundcloud. You can also follow Matt Wade on Twitter.

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