Silk Drop – Traces (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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There’s a constant creative energy coming out of Portland, and on Silk Drop‘s Traces, it’s palpable. Silk Drop is the collaborative project between Isaac Cotec and Heather Christie, who bring innovative beats and luscious vocals together to create something smooth but danceable.

The album starts off with “King of Beasts”, which is a sultry and dreamy song that plunges into the depths of emotion and range, without ever losing a pop catchiness. “Closer” raises the energy and introduces soft swells of strings, presenting an EDM vibe within the complex beats but keeping the emotions grounded. The showcase of Heather Christie’s impressive vocal range seems to complete in “Broken Mind”, which builds with an electric energy.

“Against the Wind” shifts to a more melodic focus and uses lighter, more poetic lyrics to create a mid-album tonal shift. “Your Paradise” builds impressive depth in sonic layers. The lyrics are romantic, but sad, and Silk Drop’s use of strings really makes a mark. The weightiness of this song is juxtaposed against final track, “Key to Me”, which starts delicate but grows in scope with the inclusion of harmonizing, and the now-essential strings.

To listen to Traces and check out Silk Drop, check out their Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Facebook pages.

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