Sir Michael Rocks – “Pull Up” (Music Video)

Topher Davis, 5 years ago
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Yesterday Chicago MC Sir Michael Rocks announced that he was retiring from rap to take part in a National Geographic reality series. Thankfully this was just a prank, and Mikey Rocks released a new video today for his song “Pull Up,” which is actually the lead single for his new album that will be dropping later this year Populair. Rocks released a statement to Complex on the album.

Populair is the next continuation in the Banco saga which will span from 2014-2024 AD,”

The “Pull Up” video is a sequence of shots on location in a frozen landscape, and ironically enough he did team up with Nat Geo for the visual.  Rocks spoke to Complex  about the dope visual.

“The video came together after Nat Geo wanted to get some shots of me in a more frozen climate to search for the best ice fishing and cold weather wild life. There was a type of wolf called the Tasmanian wolf that went extinct decades ago. Before their extinction, when they were still prevalent, a jacket was made from the fur (cruelty free),”

Look for more Mikey Rocks soon in the lead up to his Populair album, and check out his Nat Geo collaborated video for “Pull Up” above.

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