Megan Berberich, 3 years ago
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In the span of less than two years, SLEEPLUST has become one of Los Angeles’s most exciting and sought after indie electronic pop outfits.  The trio formed in Charlotte, North Carolina and consists of songstress/poet Meghan Tartamella and twin brothers Michael and Joseph Pepe. SLEEPLUST’s unique sound combines brooding electronics, wandering synths and heavy beats all brought together by Tartamella’s sultry yet focused melodies.
“My Place,” is a breath of fresh air, carried along by Meghan’s dreamy milk and honey-infused voice.
Following their debut self-titled EP, “My Place,” is their strongest work to date. The first song written and recorded in the band’s new home in Los Angeles, “My Place,” is an anthem for lettings rest as they are and coming into ourselves in this new place,” said Tartamella.

To hear more from SLEEPLUST, check out their SoundCloud and listen to their debut EP.

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