Somehoodlum Makes Art About Artists

Lauren Bobek, 5 years ago
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There’s a talented artist starting to blow up on Instagram, but in this case, it isn’t exactly because of music.

@somehoodlum is an artist for artists. Through a unique style, this artist is creating something no one else has done before with bright colors and different artists’ faces. Most of the art makes puns out of celebrities and references to music. Artists on this account include DrakeFlosstradamusLOUDPVCK, Ta-Ku, Ariana Grande and more. If you look closely, Drake’s face is turned into a pizza and Ariana Grande is turned into a Starbucks cup.

This guy is impressive. Even President Obama can be seen disguised as Tyler, The Creator in one of his images.

A modest bio of, “i only do art so yeah” does NOT do him justice. This art is next level and I’m excited for more.

Follow this mysterious artist on Instagram and Twitter for more vector art of your favorite artists.

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