Soren Bryce – “Cellophane”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 1 year ago
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Soren Bryce. You may not know her yet, but I would put money on that changing very soon. You may find her voice familiar and that is because she was featured on the Blackbear and Mike Posner duo Mansionz album on “Nobody Know,” but we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about her new song, “Cellophane.” Firs off let me just say this song is AMAZING. This song displays Soren’s vocals and her songwriting in an amazing way. She sings over hypnotic synths and I just can’t get enough. Soren is definitely going to blow up soon. This cut is off of her upcoming album “Discussions With Myself” due in 2018. Check out “Cellophane” now before all the cool kids hear it!

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