SOUNDQ tours through the locked down streets of Kraków in the video for “Bad Lot”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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If you can’t travel internationally in person, why not try a virtual tour propelled by an electronic maestro? SOUNDQ’s clip for “Bad Lot” showcases the underground beauty of Kraków while bounding on club rhythms. 

The clip — directed by Łukaz Czarnecki — opens on our three protagonists supine in a car lot. We aren’t sure what happened, though this doesn’t stop them from getting up and getting going. Displayed in vintage cars, going over bridges and through tunnels, this triad brings the movement and the moves. What’s electronic music without a couple of dance breaks?

Kuba Kubica is behind SOUNDQ, a project known for its smooth-yet-crisp energy that will get you moving. Just as travelling to Poland might be out of the question, crowding into a club is also not likely to be part of your weekend routine these days. “Bad Lot” has enough complexity and hooks to carry you through memory or create your own solo club at home.

To hear more from SOUNDQ, you can find the project on the website and Facebook page. You can also follow SOUNDQ on Twitter for more music and news. 

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