Space Cadets – Space Cadets EP

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Loaded with a cool smoothness, Los Angeles band Space Cadets have released their sophomore EP — a well-balanced fusion of pop, hip-hop, and reggae-infused beats. The self-titled EP follows the success of their three-track EP, fLake, and offers a slightly longer taste of what Space Cadets are capable of. From the ultra uplifting “F.F.D.F.”, which celebrates the most important things in life, to the more bitter (the band is at times defined by their disillusionment) “For a Little While”, a progression is found. “Fam” pares it all back and gives a jazzy groove to Space Cadets’ sound, and “Kissing” — the lead single of the EP — closes it down.

“Kissing” is a high-energy, smooth flowing track that emphasizes and embraces youth. The pacing increases with a well-crafted subtlety and it becomes increasingly difficult to sit still. The video, shot in black and white, shows a blend of the band’s musicianship and friendship. It compliments the good-time nature, though evident humanity, of the track.

To hear more from Space Cadets, check out their SoundCloud, or head over to their website and Facebook page.

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