SPiN – “Dig Your Own Grave” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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It’s a careful thing, a difficult thing, to be able to create a heavy rock sound but keep the energy on the playful side. That’s the magic of SPiN‘s “Dig Your Own Grave”, even without the so-cal romp of the accompanying music video. The song is made for dancing, for jumping up and down and singing along. The fuzz of the vocals with the growl of the guitars has a nostalgic vibe to it — similar in a way to the Black Keys, but with an extra dose of edge.

The video plays up the boisterous energy, giving the screen time to a young woman as she takes Venice Beach by storm, sometimes dancing, sometimes carrying a shovel, but always in charge. Colourful cinematography, a summery atmosphere, and pure vitality make the video memorable, and each accentuate the track perfectly.

SPiN have been extensively touring since the release of their previous EP, _Stacked_, and “Dig Your Own Grave” is just a taste of what is to come on _Meant To Rise_. The Philadelphia band appreciates that their genre screams to be heard live, and they deliver.

To keep up with their touring schedule, follow SPiN on their Facebook page and Twitter, and to hear more music, check out their website and Soundcloud pages.


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