[Spotlight] Arian Ney is the Future of Media with Avone

JonFromJersey, 2 years ago
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Content curating is quickly becoming the new money maker of the entertainment business and quickly becoming the new era of product placement influence. One of the rising tycoons of media right now is Germany’s Arian Ney and his media company Avone Media.

Germany’s Arian Ney success story is one that can be studied by graduate students. The 22-year-old influenced inspiration to millions while generating a revenue stream of his own thanks to social media before he was old enough to buy a drink.

The prodigy of immigrant parents. Through his experience, knowledge, and popularity, Arian established himself as a content creator backed by a fast-growing social media foundation. With a stable platform, Arian created a full-service digital marketing agency that services brand-endorsed content to the general public known as Avone Media.

Not a fly by night story, before Avone Media, Arian Ney studied Law while in High School and soon applied to Germany’s best business school WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management upon graduation. However, after graduation, Arian relocated to New York to receive a more hands-on education in business and marketing as an intern for The Millennial Mentor himself, Gerard Adams (founder of Elite Daily). Along with Adams, Arian Ney received the opportunities to network with fellow tycoons Gary Vaynerchuk and Jay Shetty, Fam Mirza. Through his knowledge, Arian used his personal brand to promote himself. Motivated and inspired millions through his content and series called “Motivation Monday”. The motivation that lead to Ney creating his own marketing entity in Avone Media. A marketing media company that has already crafted a resume of big-name clients.

Building Avone Media from the ground up alongside business partner and co-founder Kynam Truong. Avone Media has established itself as an astonishing entity that operates their social media activities and identifies as counsel for multiple personal brands and companies. Accomplishing profitable branding for the most prestigious supplement company of Germany, the most successful real estate agents, bestselling authors, TV personalities, and many more under their regime. At 22, Ney and Truong company operates at an elite level while profiting an annual steadily rising 6-digits commission from Berlin, Germany through their daily dealings.

Looking into the future, Arian and Avone Media are driven to build the biggest digital marketing agency in Europe within the next 5 years.

Learn more about Arian Ney on Instagram and Avone Media at the official Avone Media website. Find out more about Arian Ney business development in the YouTube interview below.

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