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Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Welsh three-piece rockers The Stangs spent August proving their range via a slow-release of their American Sessions EP. It’s a fantastic strategy for a band with a fine grasp on crafting catchy energetic tracks: hook your audience one song at a time. Now, the whole EP is out on SoundCloud and you can listen to it above.

Clean production is made unique by songwriter and guitarist/vocalist Graeme Heath’s gritty vocals and the way the bass bounces off the drums. On the opener, “The Beekeeper”, we get a taste of how energetic the trio can be: the song is bouncy and fresh and features lyrics that tend towards narrative. This is a staple of American Sessions and is also notable on the more melancholic “Never Been to London”. 

There is range on the EP, including a foray into more Americana sounds (“Dirty Faces”) and even some production twists (the call-and-answer style effected vocals on “Never Been to London”), but at their heart, The Stangs are an indie-pop outfit with more than a dash of Britpop influence.

American Sessions is a first taste of what The Stangs can do — we can only wait and see what will come next.

To keep up with The Stangs, check out their Facebook page and SoundCloud as we await more music.

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