Sun & Flesh – “Dig in Deep” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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Warning: Video contains graphic imagery

Contrast and juxtaposition are the name of the game when it comes to Sun & Flesh — it’s even in their name. In their latest clip for “Dig in Deep”, they bring this to the forefront for an experience that is just as enticing as it is horrifying. 

I’m not throwing around those adjectives. Horror imagery is a through-line of the clip. There’s body gore, blood, and gothic imagery of a priest and a glass of milk. Bugs crawl and die while the lovely house-show attendees reveal ulterior motives. Beauty clashes with death and a suburban setting gives an extra eerie spin to the unnatural events. 

Even with all this grabbing imagery, the music has enough energy to steal the show. Ripping between huge release and pent-up potential, the atmosphere is haunting with big guitar lines and the occasional glitching sound of anxiety, just to keep you on your toes. Hard-rock fans of extremes, rejoice! Sun & Flesh are here for you. 

To keep up with the Brooklyn-based band, you can find them on their website, YouTube, and Facebook page. You can also follow the band on Twitter.

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