“SLIPPERZ” – Tennyson

Lauren Bobek, 12.15.15 @ 2:53pm EST
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I first heard this track when it was being premiered on Beats 1 by Jaden Smith, and it immediately caught my attention. I definitely have a screenshot of this art somewhere...

Whispa – “F L A G S”

Lauren Bobek, 09.24.15 @ 1:42pm EDT
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London-based producer Whispa claims he wish he did “more” on this track, but personally I have to agree with his many other SoundCloud listeners in that it is exactly where it should be....

Mr. Carmack – “Queen of Hearts”

Lauren Bobek, 09.05.15 @ 1:10pm EDT
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One 20-minute mix from Mr. Carmack himself graced the Earth two days ago and it’s something we’ve never heard before. Dubbing this Queen of Hearts is extremely appropriate, considering Carmack...

Diana King – “Ain’t Nobody” (3Monkeyzz Remix)

Lauren Bobek, 04.06.15 @ 10:37pm EDT
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This French group is making strides in uniting the sounds of future, funk and bass. 3 Monkeyzz takes the 90’s vocals of Diana King and puts groovy beats behind them. The...

Alison Wonderland Premieres New Album, “Run”

Alison Wonderland Premieres New Album, “Run”

Lauren Bobek, 03.20.15 @ 2:38pm EDT
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It’s only appropriate that I write about my favorite producer and role model’s new album that was just released in Australia and New Zealand and is currently #2 on iTunes....