Jerry Folk – “To My Soul”

Lauren Bobek, 01.11.16 @ 4:04pm EST
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What better way to kick off 2016 than with a new track from Jerry Folk? Ever since I first heard his version of Baby Bash’s “Suga Suga,” I’m always keen to...

“SLIPPERZ” – Tennyson

Lauren Bobek, 12.15.15 @ 2:53pm EST
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I first heard this track when it was being premiered on Beats 1 by Jaden Smith, and it immediately caught my attention. I definitely have a screenshot of this art somewhere...


Lauren Bobek, 11.02.15 @ 2:38pm EST
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Adding a ‘trap’ section onto the site is one of the best decisions the NSM family could have made, so I can write about the genre that got me into...


Lauren Bobek, 10.04.15 @ 8:48pm EST
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My music feed has been seeing a lot of EXPLORE lately, and I’m not complaining. This Belgium producer has been putting out heater after heater, and judging by the rest of...

Oshi – “no good”

Lauren Bobek, 09.24.15 @ 11:00pm EST
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IT IS MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR. And by that, I mean I have many of those, because whenever Oshi releases a new track, it is my favorite day. This...

Whispa – “F L A G S”

Lauren Bobek, 09.24.15 @ 1:42pm EST
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London-based producer Whispa claims he wish he did “more” on this track, but personally I have to agree with his many other SoundCloud listeners in that it is exactly where it should be....

Alexander Lewis – “In the Mornin”

Lauren Bobek, 09.09.15 @ 5:34pm EST
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Wow, there is so much going on here. Beats by Alexander Lewis. Drum samples from Film Noir. Artwork by Josh Pan. Talk about a power team. First and foremost, this...

Tory Lanez – “Initiation” (Prod. BenZel)

Lauren Bobek, 09.08.15 @ 9:45pm EST
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If his flow wasn’t good enough already, Tory Lanez is even more of a genius because he recruits the best producers to collab with and throw down on his beats. For his recent...

Braeden Bailey – Hell (5/7)

Lauren Bobek, 04.14.15 @ 2:18pm EST
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After getting back from a weekend at the beach with the first sunburn of the summer, this beat is almost too hot to listen to. Braeden Bailey made a huge remix...

Missy Elliot – Work It (Stooki Sound Remix)

Lauren Bobek, 03.18.15 @ 2:40pm EST
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My affinity for trap music was without a doubt driven by this duo from London. I still stand by the original way I felt about Stooki Sound—they are the musical geniuses...