Patrickxblue & Christian Rose “Broken Smile” Feat. Lil Peep

Ryan Kwiecinski, 08.11.17 @ 1:10pm EDT
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NewSickMusic favorite Christian Rose is on a new track called “Broken Smile” by Patrickxblue  which also features Lil Peep. The Hip-Hop leaning Alternative Rock song has a really cool, unique...

Christian Rose – “Rodeo”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 07.28.17 @ 7:57pm EDT
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It’s absolutely no secret that Christian Rose has become one of my favorite artists right now. With lyrics so raw, and a unique voice to match it’s quite apparent why....

Christian Rose – “I Cry At Night When No One is Around”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 07.07.17 @ 5:17pm EDT

Lately I have been so sick of popular music, and have been constantly looking for new music to enjoy. I have been sticking with underground artists lately, and Christian Rose...

Christian Rose – “Nirvana” feat. Oliver Nu

Ryan Kwiecinski, 04.24.17 @ 10:32am EDT
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Christian Rose is back at it again with the release of his latest track, the Oliver Nu-assisted “Nirvana.” The dark track once again shows off Christian Rose’s songwriting and storytelling...

Christian Rose – “Broken Umbrella”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 04.19.17 @ 11:07am EDT
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As usual I have found myself digging through the realms of Sound Cloud looking for new artists, and the latest one I have found is no different in terms of...