William Bolton – “Some Love” (ft. Jackson Breit)

Ryan Pod, 11.22.16 @ 10:34am EDT
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Detroit native William Bolton returns to our pages with his groovy new single entitled “Some Love.” Joining him over the production by heyitsvidi is Jackson Breit. In the past, Bolton and...

Dylan Reese – “Fan Of You” (ft. Jackson Breit)

Ryan Pod, 09.08.16 @ 9:53pm EDT
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Massachusetts native Dylan Reese returns with a new  track entitled “Fan Of You.” The Moses Jean produced track is a cool blend between pop, funk and soul. Receiving assistance from Jackson...

Jackson Breit – Flake (Drag Me Down)

Ryan Pod, 02.10.16 @ 8:49pm EDT
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Jackson Breit is back with a brand new single and video. What’s interesting is that he took his favorite part of Jack Johnson’s song “Flake” and decided to put his...

Jackson Breit – “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” [Prod. Jacob Yates]

Paula Truscott, 10.27.15 @ 8:06pm EDT
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On my side of the world, it’s hump day, the sun is shining and I Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Evidently, neither would Jackson Breit with his brand-spanking new track of...

Bazanji – The City (ft. Cam Meekins and Jackson Breit)

Rob Giagnorio, 03.19.15 @ 9:55pm EDT
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Up and coming artist, Bazanji, teamed up with two more up and comers in Cam Meekins and Jackson Breit to craft this brand new song. The song came out at...