Lil Peep – “Come Over When You’re Sober, PT 2”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 11.12.18 @ 12:53pm EDT
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When Lil Peep first died, I was among the fans that were left sad, and distraught. I always have had mixed feelings when it comes to post-humous releases, but when...

Patrickxblue & Christian Rose “Broken Smile” Feat. Lil Peep

Ryan Kwiecinski, 08.11.17 @ 1:10pm EDT
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NewSickMusic favorite Christian Rose is on a new track called “Broken Smile” by Patrickxblue  which also features Lil Peep. The Hip-Hop leaning Alternative Rock song has a really cool, unique...

Lil Peep – “Benz Truck”

Ryan Pod, 06.23.17 @ 5:09pm EDT
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Lil Peep is fast establishing himself as the voice of a generation. Over the past 18 months he has DIY’d his way to the forefront of global tastemaker lips. “Benz...