Future Elevators – “Modern World” [Video]

Kaitlin Ruether, 05.28.17 @ 1:14pm EDT
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Future Elevators put New Orleans in the spotlight on their video for the rhythmic and addictive “Modern World”. Beginning via vehicle with street-side views and then settling in with people...

Pell – “Runaway” Remix ft White Sea (Music Video)

Ryan Pod, 04.21.15 @ 7:18pm EDT
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Rapper and New Orleans native, Pell gives us a remix for his song “Runaway.” This new remix offers a bit of a different twist than the original because it features the...

$UICIDEBOY$ – “Dead Batteries”

Samuel Conley, 03.23.15 @ 7:43pm EDT
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Having only fairly recently come off Yung Simmie‘s North American Yung Smokey Tour, New Orleans hip hop artists $uicide Christ and $uicide Leopard (known together as the $UICIDEBOY$) are keeping up the reputation of their vicious workrate....