Ivor Lane – “I Wait Too Long” (Video)

Ivor Lane – “I Wait Too Long” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 03.18.19 @ 8:04pm EDT
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Let the music of Ivor Lane guide you through whatever weighs on your mind, for this was what the Chicago-based artist intended with their debut EP, Postplay. You can hear...

Waterfall Wash – “Colors” (Music Video)

Waterfall Wash – “Colors” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 03.01.19 @ 11:32am EDT
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There’s something eerie about Waterfall Wash’s clip for their track “Colors”. Actually, make that three eerie somethings. Chasing vocalist and guitarist Michael Roddy through a forested park, three masked figures...

Michael Bright – “Heartache” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 01.28.19 @ 3:05pm EDT
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Michael Bright gifts views of Toronto and memories of city lights in his new track and clip for “Heartache”. The song brings the nostalgia of a past love back to...

Heather Gruber – Dance Into the Desert (Album Review)

Heather Gruber – Dance Into the Desert (Album Review)

Kaitlin Ruether, 01.25.19 @ 6:03pm EDT
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[Listen here] New love, lost love, the complicated in-betweens: these are moments that warrant and receive soundtracks. We all have break-up songs that come to mind, songs about confusion, songs...

Amo Amo – “Closer To You” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 01.11.19 @ 12:11pm EDT
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All smooth, all love, Amo Amo bring polished pop, psychedelia and no lack of Southern California spirit to their track “Closer To You” — a love song that hinges on...

Gus Dapperton – “Prune, You Talk Funny”

Shane Longoria, 12.06.17 @ 12:17am EDT
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Gus Dapperton, the 20-year-old DIY pop artist, has been making waves in the New York scene. Blending elements of lo-fi, 80s-inspired synth pop, dream pop, and r&b, Dapperton has become...

Neil Thomas – “Home”

Grantley Bynum-Bain, 11.23.15 @ 10:45am EDT

If your ears are craving an upbeat romantic pop track, “Home” by Neil Thomas may be the song they’re yearning for. On this new track, Neil delivers enchanting vocals and sings about...

Is The Billboard Hot 100 Hot? A Look At 2015

Is The Billboard Hot 100 Hot? A Look At 2015

Lauren Bobek, 10.07.15 @ 1:12pm EDT
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If you’re not familiar with the Billboard Hot 100, it’s the weekly record chart that blesses us with a neat list of the hottest songs based on an assortment of...

Skylar Spence – “I Can’t Be Your Superman”

Skylar Spence – “I Can’t Be Your Superman”

Ross Thompson, 09.03.15 @ 4:43pm EDT
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The Prom King himself, aka Skylar Spence and formerly known as Saint Pepsi, has graced us with the latest track from his upcoming record, “Prom King.” In the process of his name change,...

Pia Mia – F**k With U Ft. G-Eazy (Music Video)

Mac Piper, 03.31.15 @ 12:52pm EDT
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Pia Mia hits us with visuals for her collabo with Bay Area rapper, G-Eazy. Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the c-section below.

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