Day Wave – “Something Here”

Edward Barbour, 02.07.17 @ 9:35pm EDT
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After releasing two EP’s last year, Jackson Philips, also known as Day Wave, drops ones of his most procured and vulnerable tracks yet, “Something Here.” Using multiple instruments and many layers, Day...

Cold Fronts – “Buschleague”

Cold Fronts – “Buschleague”

Ross Thompson, 09.13.15 @ 4:14pm EDT
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Music is great for exploring complex emotions, portraying a story, or other forms of high art; its just as great for rolling down your windows and screaming “I feel young,...

Half Moon Run – “Turn Your Love”

Half Moon Run – “Turn Your Love”

Ross Thompson, 09.06.15 @ 9:48pm EDT
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October 23rd, 2015 is on its way; Half Moon Run’s second album “Sun Leads Me On” is on its way. Until then, the Montreal based indie rockers have elected to pass us down...

Last Dinosaurs – “Wellness” (album)

Ross Thompson, 08.31.15 @ 6:35pm EDT
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In the ensuing madness that was August 28th, for album releases, many records fell to the wayside. Don’t let “Wellness” be one of those. The follow-up to “In a Million...

Karey Eyo – “Voyage to Noana Pt. 2” Ft. Kay Dorsey

Grantley Bynum-Bain, 08.03.15 @ 5:08pm EDT
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While listening to Karey Eyo’s “Voyage to Noana Pt 2“, a track from his newly released project, Finding Utopia, I found myself wanting to voyage to my own “Noana” so to...

Coheed and Cambria – You Got Spirit, Kid (Official Lyric Video)

Bryan Montesano, 07.07.15 @ 9:10pm EDT
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Coheed and Cambria have just provided fans with music to their ears….literally, and metaphorically. The Nyack, New York progressive rock group recently took to their website to announce an October 9th...

Broken Witt Rebels – Shake Me Down

Jarret Armstrong, 03.15.15 @ 11:40am EDT
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If you haven’t heard of Broken Witt Rebels yet I feel sorry for you. The four man band from Birmingham has been stirring up noise ever since their release of...

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