Marva Holiday – “Reflections”

Marva Holiday – “Reflections”

Kaitlin Ruether, 02.11.20 @ 12:10am EST
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There is a deep richness to the work of Marva Holiday. Originally from California but now steeped in the warmth of Arizona, the artist has been making waves in the...

Jamila Woods – LSD Feat. Chance The Rapper

Jamila Woods – LSD Feat. Chance The Rapper

Jasmine Moreno, 07.07.16 @ 4:36pm EST
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Jamila Woods reveals the beauty in Chicago in her new collab with Chance the Rapper: “LSD.” Chicago soul singer and poet Jamila Woods shared a new track, “LSD,” featuring Chance the...

JMSN – “Most of All”

Jasmine Moreno, 04.12.16 @ 7:12pm EST
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To be able to break through the vigorous world of music, one must not only be persistent but unique, charismatic, and determined! If you are meant to be in the...

Jack Vance- Soul (prod. IAMNOBODI)

Megan Berberich, 04.08.16 @ 12:11am EST
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“Really can’t take it more, Won’t make it no more, Heartless, Bitches can’t even break it no more.” Everybody thinks they know you. People love to tell your story, people...

Stirling DuBois – “Fly With Me” (Prod. by Tom Misch)

Stirling DuBois, 04.20.15 @ 4:38pm EST
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Start your week off right with this new sick track from Newtown, Connecticut rapper Stirling DuBois. “Fly With Me” , the second single off DuBois’ project Beautiful Juvenile is a track that...

Kehlani Announces New Album ‘You Should Be Here’

Kehlani Announces New Album ‘You Should Be Here’

Ryan Pod, 04.05.15 @ 11:07pm EST
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The 19 year old R&B and soul singer Kehlani announced earlier this week on her social media accounts that she will be releasing an album called You Should Be Here releasing...

Broken Witt Rebels – Shake Me Down

Jarret Armstrong, 03.15.15 @ 11:40am EST
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If you haven’t heard of Broken Witt Rebels yet I feel sorry for you. The four man band from Birmingham has been stirring up noise ever since their release of...

Get Familiar with Lauriana Mae + City of Diamonds EP

Nellz, 03.15.15 @ 7:25am EST
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Lauriana Mae ran the Ebro in the Morning gauntlet Late last week on a promo run for her new EP “City of Diamonds”. I can’t write anything better than the...