Witt Lowry – “Around Your Heart”

Ryan Pod, 01.25.16 @ 10:02pm EDT
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After releasing a stellar album Dreaming With Our Eye Open  and touring all across the east coast, Witt Lowry made some serious noise in 2015. With his first release of 2016, he...

Exclusive: Witt Lowry Interview

Exclusive: Witt Lowry Interview

Ryan Pod, 10.15.15 @ 11:53am EDT
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With his new album ‘Dreaming With Our Eyes Open‘ breaking the top 5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts, Witt Lowry has inserted himself into not only the music scene, but...

Witt Lowry – “Running From Here” and “My Mistake”

Kaitlin Ruether, 09.18.15 @ 1:26am EDT
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Talk about a celebration! Because his upcoming album reached #5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts, Witt Lowry has gifted the world with two new tracks, which previously were only available...

Witt Lowry – Move On (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 04.29.15 @ 2:47pm EDT
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Witt Lowry has delivered a prime example of matching a compelling track with an equally compelling video. It’s near-impossible to stop watching and listening to the powerfully emotional music video for “Move...

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