The Bay has introduced the world to some of Hip-Hop’s biggest name and appears to be no end in site as more and more up-and-coming sensations like Ricky Styles continue to represent in a major way.

Ricky Styles – “FaceTime” (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 06.17.18 @ 2:44am EST
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The Bay Area has always been known for its unique flavor when it comes to Hip-Hop. Continuing to spread and influence across the culture, The Bay has introduced the world...

Young Gunna – “Colder”

Chris Tanner, 10.06.16 @ 11:20am EST
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Although we are late to the party on this one, Young Gunna blesses our pages with his (now) season-appropriate single “Colder.” Finding it’s way onto our pages via the NSM...