Terry Light – “Lately” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Los Angeles based Terry Light and Kailee McGee create with similar themes and aesthetics in mind: this is clear in the clip for Terry Light’s debut single “Lately”, which shows the final minutes of McGee’s film, The Person I Am When No One is Looking

It is clear that both the song and film hinge a sense of the ethereal in contemporary moments. As “Lately” leans on hazy instruments, liquid vocals, and a sturdy beat, the clip glides from narrative finale to a choreographed dance routine. Mood and technology press together. 

Careful editing makes the micro-film both riveting and poignant: there is an importance placed on the aloneness — as the title and final line both suggest. Thoughtful and euphoric at once, “Lately” is a summer night jam or a one-person dance track, and McGee’s clip proves this. 

To keep up with Terry Light, check out Instagram and Spotify. You can also follow Kailee McGee on her website and on Twitter.

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