Tetra – Meter (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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After studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, then making the ambitious move to LA, Tetra is ready to release her EP, Meter, which blends precise electronic synths and percussion beats with a voice so raw and powerful that it will send chills down your spine.

The first single from the EP is also the first track, a powerhouse of a tune called “Bad Things” which emits sultry jazz vibes with a mechanical twist. One thing that Tetra does well is dance on the edge of the delicate, only to burst through with an emotional and loud sweep of sound. The entire EP has you on your toes, and not just because it is immensely danceable.

“Limbo” is an ultra-catchy, slower track — though not by much — and continues that dark thread while showing exactly what Tetra is vocally capable of. “Got You Alone” has all of the pop genius of Marina and The Diamonds, and while the lyrics become a bit repetitive, the track has a darker streak running through it, with playful synths to add flavour. “Reason to Breathe” allows focus to drift to the careful percussion and delicate ripples of the music. Like a twisted music box, this song is a rarity. “Poison” is a lyrical force, an honest, under-the-surface highlight. This track promises to bring a house down. “I think I’m gonna hurt someone,” Tetra croons. “I’m poison, but I don’t want to hurt no one.” Nothing is held back. “Ruby Red Lips” feels like an old Hollywood film, faded and vintage, but that’s what gives the track its charm. A piano adds a raw quality that rounds out the EP.

Meter closes with the second single, “The Tunnel” which you can listen to above. The final track feels like a long drive at night. A bit magical, a bit nostalgic, and all atmosphere. You can visualize the streetlights as they stream past in the echoing vocals. Moments of clarity punctuate the song, while simultaneously sparse and complex instrumental assistance allow every strength of Tetra to shine. Ultimately, Tetra stuns both on her own, and as a queen of a web of electronic sounds. Meter is the beginning of something great. To keep up with her, check out her website, Facebook page, and Soundcloud in these exciting days before the June 11th release.

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