The Bobbleheads – “I Really See You” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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There is something classically resonant about the rock and roll sound coming out of the Bay Area. The Bobbleheads seem to capture it with ease.

With buzzing guitars and a quick-steady beat that opens the track, “I Really See You” can take over a room with the hooks and swells that evoke good times and high energy. But the simplicity behind the song is deceptive. Though a string of “oh, oh, oh”s may reel you in, the lyrics take on more complicated subject matter: the communication highs and lows in relationships. “You shouldn’t give it all away so fast / I couldn’t go along to make it last”, vocalist John Ashfield delivers over that humming guitar. 

The video captures the band’s home base of San Francisco, revelling in foggy nights and angled bus stops. The band is shown in colourful lights, performing energetically, before the video cuts to the primary narrative. A couple head out on a date. We see the bandage-obscured face of one half of the couple and the earnest face of a woman. The date goes well, and as we see the bandages fall to the ground, we understand the purpose of the gauze. But it’s no matter, as the woman can see through what was concealed. The Bobbleheads plays on. 

“I Really See You” comes off The Bobbleheads’ latest album, Myths and Fables. To hear more from The Bobbleheads, you can find them on their Bandcamp and Facebook page

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