The Collective Dialect – “Dog Daze”

JonFromJersey, 5 years ago
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North Carolina trio, The Collective Dialect is a genre-blending group that has just released their newest EP, entitled Dog Daze. The group consists of members Nino, XL, and Some Guy Ty, who is responsible for all production. Some Guy Ty definitely deserves kudos for creating such a unique sound for the group that combines rock, hip hop, reggae, and more to radiate chill vibes. These guys are not only daring in their production, but with a song entitled “Bill Cosby,” they use a slightly controversial chorus. Reciting “We don’t waste time girl, it just take time/ Y’all got it handed to you, I just take mine,” we can assume what they are referencing, especially after the intro which pokes fun at Cosby spiking jello shots. All in all, The Collective Dialect definitely need to develop more, but Dog Daze shows hope, as it is packed with good energy and smooth lyrics. Get familiar with this Southern group on Twitter and stream their new EP above!

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