The Furious Seasons – My Love is Strong (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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The many ways in which indie-alternative interacts with pop and folk creates room for variations as independent from one another as fingerprints, but there is nothing quite like the sound of The Furious Seasons, who mix Bob Dylan-esque vocals with pop songs that could only have come out of the present, and fill the silences prevalent in classic Americana with vocal fills and instrumental layers.

My Love is Strong is the Furious Seasons’ fourth album, and at thirteen tracks long, is no small feat. Check it out above. Some highlights include album opener “Southern Night”, which immediately introduces us to the fun that The Furious Seasons clearly have when creating their art, but the track is quickly juxtaposed against the more emotional “Understood” which is a lyrically darker song put against upbeat strums of the guitar and reliable sing-along breaks. “Summer Rain” is another interesting juxtaposition, almost country in tone, but with percussion and keys keeping the song from falling too easily into one genre. The Furious Seasons are masters of balancing the more melancholy tracks with the celebratory ones. “Full Disclosure” is placed perfectly on the album and is a definite highlight. When this band has fun, they really have fun. This isn’t to say their slower songs are less impressive. “Wind Blown” is a vocal stunner, and one of the catchiest tracks on the album.

Overall, My Love is Strong is a full, well-produced album that carries stories within lyrics and weaves genres together into something complete, unified, and well-balanced.

David Steinhart provides the vocals, Jeff Steinhart adds bass flair, Eric Marin fills out the sound with keyboards, and producer Bob Gannon gives the album its rhythm on drums. My Love is Strong was released on April 21st. Check out The Furious Seasons on their website, their Facebook, and their SoundCloud page.

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