The Internet – “Girl” ft. KAYTRANADA

Braden Young, 4 years ago
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The Internet and KAYTRANADA team up for a newly released single in “Girl”. The track is set to appear on The Internet’s upcoming album, EGO DEATH, available June 30th and for pre-order here.

The Internet continues to be an underrated group in the hip-hop scene. If the singles of “Girl” and “Sepcial Afair” are any indication of what’s in store from EGO DEATH, then the album should do wonders in helping the collective, consisting of Syd, Matt Martians, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, Jameel Bruner, and Steve Lacy, get some shine. Here, from “Girl”, we see amazing progression and growth from the group since its early origins within Odd Future. Syd’s soothing vocals are combined with (surprise, surprise) on point production from KAYTRANADA, who has created one of the most unmistakable and unique sounds in modern production. The result is, quite simply, a great track that has managed to live up to the hype since being teased on BBC Radio 1.

To stay on top of The Internet’s moves in the days leading up to the release of their album, keep it locked on the group’s Twitter page.

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