The Mosers – “Ticonderoga” (EP)

Ross Thompson, 3 years ago
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Emerging from a few years of live performances, The Mosers step up to the plate with their first EP Ticonderoga. These New Jersey Rock n’ Roll fanatics bring a youthful energy that will loosen up your dancing muscles. They are often referred to as an “angry Weezer” but their work encompasses a much more concentrated vibe of 90s rock. Look out for standouts “Bad Times,” an oddly pleasing song about the inevitability of rough moments and their end, and “Cold Hearted Girl,” a vision of the personalities of each member of the band and how they’ve dealt with relationships.

If they sound familiar, you may recognize them from the article about another new EP from Young Rising Sons who they happen to be touring with. Take a look at their music video for “Cold Hearted Girl” or listen on Soundcloud. Keep track of the rest of their tour on Twitter and Facebook!

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