The Vice Rags – “Jersey Boy” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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What could hurt a Jersey boy more than watching his girlfriend leave him for a New Yorker? The Vice Rags mine this particular sadness on the aptly titled “Jersey Boy” — a song with a classic rock’n’roll edge worthy of a video with a focus on vinyl.

Complete with scratching, we watch an invisible hand put on The Vice Rags’ record and the band appears — all in black and white until the record skips and the world bursts into colour. It suits the rising energy perfectly.

And what an energy it is. The Vice Rags’ spirit permeates their sound and becomes visible when you watch them perform. With peeling electric guitar lines and scratchy vocals announcing their presence, it’s hard to ignore these guys as they take over. Though the song is about a loss, there’s nothing heavy about it: “Come back home from Brooklyn babe, you ain’t no New York girl,” Paul Rosevear laments, finding moments to share with the rest of the band.

The girl might be gone, but the friendship — and the music — remains strong.

To hear more from The Vice Rags, you can find them on their Instagram and their Facebook page.

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