Lauren Bobek, 5 years ago
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YOU USED TO CALL ME ON MY…REMIX. Since Hotline Bling dropped, there has been an overwhelming amount of response from the Internet–remixes, memes, graphics playing on the design of the cover art. You name it, it’s been hotline bling-ed.

This producer who goes by the name of thirstybeats has released a preview of his version of what I would consider one of the best Hotline Bling remixes yet. Yes, the best. I’ve heard an array of acoustic takes of the song as well as other remixes, and this one puts just the right amount of wave and bass into Drake’s hit. The melody uses the familiar ring of Hotline Bling with a heavy bass line.

When I like an original as much as I like Hotline Bling, I am usually not keen about its remix. Needless to say, I’m excited for this full song to drop. Never forget where you came from Hotline Bling–but when the remix is on par with thirstybeats’, I give it the go-ahead.

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