Thorin Loeks – Thirsty Hearts (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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It’s the new year, holidays are over, and you need a moment for yourself. Thorin Loeks has your slowed-down pace here, ready for you to listen and embrace his introspective acoustic sound. The Whitehorse native and North Vancouver local has travelled the world, and these travels have given the 8 songs of “Thirsty Hearts” the passion that pulls them together.

The title track leads the album and adeptly gives a taste of what is to come. With timing changes and Loeks’ huge vocal range on display, the track brings a complexity to Loeks’ folk influences. An emotional unity is held from “Thirsty Hearts” through “Bare Bones” and releases in album highlight “Crossroads”, which is a personal and emotional tour with accompaniment from Kaylie Higgs, who offers both vocals and a violin line to fill out the sound. Higgs appears again on “These Crazy Days”, which takes a darker tone and feels something like sorting through chaos in a way that compliments the album well.

“Break Free” works as a counter-part to the opening of “Burst Like a Bubble”, pushing further on the themes and utilizing the guitar as percussion. “For Love” begins with a piano as a stark departure from the rest of the record, but quickly moves back to a driving acoustic guitar and a lovely optimistic depth. The final track, “Warmer World”, is a journey of a song, beginning dark and foreboding but moving, slowly, into something more upbeat. It’s a perfect way to finish an album revolving around journeys, both physical and emotional.

To hear more from Thorin Loeks, check out his website, Facebook pageBandcamp, and SoundCloud.

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