Yogi Split- Tiempo (feat. PLAY) (prod. KMB)

Megan Berberich, 4 years ago
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You talk about me because you know that I’m a threat so../ In the pocket like a young Drew Bledsoe

Columbus native Yogi Split is an artist who has been working to build respect for the community with a plethora of other talented artists all throughout the city. Tiempo (feat. PLAY) is his first single of 2016.

Coming off of ‘TAKE,’ his album drop from just a couple months ago, Yogi Split is ready to “ride this wave into 2016.”

‘Tiempo’ has a build up effect- the longer you listen, the better it gets. Yogi has some really clever lyrics on this joint- and he brings it back to one thing: time. Time needs to be saved and he doesn’t want to associate with people who waste it.

Production by KMB is really slick. It has that angry flow which Yogi raps over, encapsulating that serious tone.

Let us know what you think of Tiempo, below.


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