TLNTD – “eXpectations” (EP) (#NSM Premiere)

Bryan Montesano, 4 years ago
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In case you didn’t know today’s date is TUESDAY, August 30th, and if you’re familiar with Chicago based hip-hop artist, TLNTD, you know that Tuesday is a special day. Not familiar? Congratulations, you played yourself… It’s because Tuesday means that it’s #TLNTDtuesday and this week the #NSM staff favorite is blessing us with the premiere of his brand new EP, eXpectations.

Coming in hot at 5 tracks, with 2 singles (“Fall” ft. Kiyah Mitchell, “Wish You Well” ft. MIDI) and 3 brand new jams, TLNTD continues to impress with the same positive attributes that caught our attention in the first place. Always one to paint a picture with his words, TLNTD tells a story on the eXpectations EP , inviting the listener into his mind as he speaks on his time in the music industry, and what he’s learned since deciding to follow his dreams.IMG_2870


Relationships got tough, work got long, and the road to success has been anything but smooth, but no mater what, the mindset for TLNTD has remained the same, and that’s doing everything he can to build his career, making sure to never give up on his passion.

Rising above adversity is nothing new to TLNTD, as getting this EP out on time was even a struggle. After his arrest on Sunday and not being released until approximately 1am yesterday, the future of the EP releasing on time was uncertain, but here we are today premiering this fresh body of work, and I can’t help but smile when thinking about how eager TLNTD is to share his gift and how important it is for him to be fulfilling his dreams.

The eXpectations EP features production from Epidemic, Toi, JRedd and additional instrumentation from Phillip “Phil Free” Maniaci. You can stream the EP in its entirety above or you can take it to go here on Soundcloud!

For more on TLNTD and #TLNTDtuesday’s, you can follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud!

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