Todd Warner Moore – Spark (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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According to Todd Warner Moore, Spark is the album he always wanted to create. Collaborating with a host of talented artists, the musician has brought together an array of styles for an album that weaves a story. Americana, folk, pop, hints of orchestral and Irish folk music: this record has a little something for everyone. 

Always a storyteller, Moore has included a prologue and epilogue on Spark: the former invites with talk of a garden and new beginnings, while the epilogue lulls you into dreams. The album has an overall jingly cleanliness to it, but works best when launching into the lush. “Do You Really Know?” is a highlight, begging the large question: “Do you really know the ones you love?”, and playing it against orchestral swells. There is no lingering here; it’s the pacing that keeps the track unique. “Already There” also brings strings and thoughtfulness, but this time unfolds slowly. Moore doesn’t repeat his tricks. 

At fifteen tracks (including the upbeat bonus, “The Lens” which features Moore’s old group, the Tea Thieves, with whom he travelled around Hungary), the album runs long, but never loses interest. However, there is so much emotional content on this record (“Mess”, or the glass-delicate, “Right Inside This Room”) that tracks with less depth like “Noodles” don’t quite hold up. But as his second record in 2018, it is clear that Moore is running vital with ideas. This is an artist to watch.

To keep up with Todd Warner Moore, you can find him on his website, SoundCloud, and on Twitter.

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