Travis Thompson – “The End Of The World”

Chris Tanner, 3 years ago
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Discovering dope tracks from relatively unknown artists is hands down the most satisfying part of writing for a blog. So today when I came across a diamond in the rough like Seattle based rapper Travis Thompson I knew it was gonna be a good day. At the very least, now I know that I have a new track that can distract me from the mundane rigmarole that I call my 9-5.

With only his debut EP, ‘Living For The Future’, and a handful of other songs available on Soundcloud, the 19 year old seems to be making an impression with listeners and bloggers alike. His latest single, “The End Of The World” is no acceptation, as the emcee get’s a little bit more personal and introspective. This feel good, uplifting song is a perfect way to kick those weekday blues as we kick it in gear for the weekend.

Check out “The End Of The World” above and be sure to follow Travis Thompson on Twitter, Facebook, IG and Soundcloud to stay up on all future projects.

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