TreeHouse Collective – “Me & Jazz Tape”

Samuel Conley, 5 years ago
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After seemingly popping up from nowhere and releasing a few sporadic tracks, mysterious North London arts movement TreeHouse Collective (mysterious in the fact that no one actually knows who they are), have released their debut EP Me & Jazz Tape. In a homage to all you 90’s kid out there, the tape has a loosely formed Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme, with tracks entitled “Hilary Banks”, and various contextual samples from the show peppered throughout.

TreeHouse are offering some of the freshest current sounds from London at the moment, with their smooth piano-led instrumentals and complex wordplay shining out over much of their Grime and UK Hip Hop contemporaries.

Follow the TreeHouse team on Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up to date with their releases!

You can download the full-length project for FREE via the bandcamp link HERE.

Listen to TreeHouse’s debut “Me & Jazz Tape” above. 

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