Trickster Guru – Problem Child (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Trickster Guru‘s album, Problem Child, is separated into three acts, each containing two songs, and each exploring dualities. Trickster Guru is the project of Christoper Caplan, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer — a do-it-all artist with the potential to be your new summer favourite.

The first act contrasts the fun pop hooks (though reality-based lyrics) of “Feel the Spirit” with the electronic emotional quaver of “Problem Child”. The latter of which features the synths and beats of AWAY, who produced the track. The pop blends to electronic near seamlessly, and chaos feels wielded with skill.

The video for “Problem Child” was shot in Astoria, Oregon, and brings elements of the gothic into images that convey a sort of narrative progression, but most strongly create connections between the ideas of beauty and violence. You can check that out above.

The second act begins with “Ghosts in the Night”, a bouncy summer tune. There is a hint of reggae influence in the beat, but an organ continues the gothic trend within the album. “The Big Surprise” is a complete slow-down. A love song that is framed by death and showcases the delicate range of Christopher Caplan.

Act three brings the electronic sound back with “The Reminder”, then builds on that with the super rhythmic and optimistic “Little Butterfly” which uses storybook motifs and plays against them, with lyrics like “happy ever after” contrasting “you laid me down so sweetly in front of a speeding car”. This darkness is where Trickster Guru excels.

To keep up with Trickster Guru, check out the website, Facebook, and Soundcloud pages.

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