Tritonal – “Call Me” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Coming off the summertime romantic vibes of their last single, “Good Thing”, Tritonal are back with something a little more grounded. “Call Me” — though still a catchy hit for your next night out — has a duality to it. The sweetness is there in the beat and the lush vocals, but the track takes turns playing with complexity and minimalism. When the chorus of vocals arrives to assist, the shift feels necessary, like we are being pulled out of our world in order to see it for what it is: a connection, a sense of unity between us.

The video also plays with the complexity inherent to connection. We open on a party, and focus on a woman who is alienated from it — her distance mirrored in a man with whom a connection blossoms. Through stunning images of windmills and sparklers, we see the romance build between them, but when we return to the party, the woman is intent on leaving. Love, the video shows us, is real, but it is also more complicated than eye contact at a party: it is a choice to continue on.

To hear more from Tritonal, check out their website, Soundcloud page, and Facebook. You can also find the duo on Twitter.

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