Trouble in the Streets – “Chasing Whatever” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 7 months ago
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Rule Breaker is the title of Trouble in the Streets’s latest EP and this should tell you something about their attitude toward conventions. Known for their hard working spirit in Austin — a musical scene known for hard work and pushing limits — Trouble in the Streets are a three-piece project ready to gleam. 

Uplifting and in-your-face, “Chasing Whatever” is uncompromising in its experimentation. There is grand rise to the indie-pop tune that will draw you in and wrap you up, then twist as Nnedi Nebula Agbaroji unleashes a punk-infused rap among discordant piano that feels as delicate as it is otherworldly. Only a trio with a shared artistic goal can make something so manifold so successful. 

Just as the song swings from mood to mood, the video also pairs artistic and complex imagery with shots of the band appearing playful. A skateboard fashioned into a swing pulls in and out of frame and a masked dancer walks from the city into the forest, clad in flowing fabric. But it is Agbaroji’s performance that draws the most attention as she looks straight into the camera and delivers her lines as geometric lights slide across her image. All in, it’s a visual treat paired with sonic momentum. 

Rule Breaker was released on May 13th. To hear more from Trouble in the Streets, you can find them on their website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow the trio on Twitter.

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