TUT – “Outside”

Samuel Conley, 4 years ago
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Earlier on this year, Chattanooga rapper and proprietor of the ‘Southern Bounce’ genre TUT dropped what is still considered by many to possibly be the most intricately composed and thoughtful Hip Hop release of 2015. Preacher’s Son was a 10 track conceptual exploration of the life of a “young man growing up in both the church, and the streets; raised on confronting the traumas of bad choices, experiencing the redemptive power of hope and the overwhelming joys of love and charity”. It was a fantastic and very underrated release, and proved to be a rare gem with its complexity of narrative compared to much of modern day Hip Hop.

Tut went fairly quiet for a while (with the exception of dropping a couple of videos), but has this week finally released a follow up track in preparation for the release his upcoming EP. As described on his Soundcloud, new track “Outside” is  “a song that transitions TUT’s music from inside the church aisles to outside where he confronts his community’s everyday struggles of survival.” The new track carries much of the same atmosphere as of Preacher’s Son, and is a memorable example of what is becoming the very distinctive sound of ‘Southern Bop’. With his producer Ktoven still on board for the next project, we are very excited to see what TUT has brewing.

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