Val Emmich – “Worry” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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If you haven’t heard of Val Emmich, here’s my advice to you: watch the video for “Worry”, let the frantic refrain and punchy piano soak in, and then educate yourself on this multidisciplinary artist. The accomplishments keep on coming, and clearly will continue into the future.

On “Worry,” the poppy pitch of piano opens the track, then is juxtaposed against lower, slower vocals which move from descriptive into anxious repetition. Even in his lyrics, duality is at the forefront: “These chemicals in my body,” Emmich sings, “a symphony of agony.” There is a sense of frenzy and creative unleashing at play, and all tied together by the bright but claustrophobic sense of the clip.

A piano with CALM written across it acts as a metaphor. We can tell ourselves to stay calm, but sometimes you just need to smash something up. In Emmich’s confinement, the walls change colour, the movement shifts, and the musician squats at a baby piano and performs “Worry” for the camera. Val Emmich — who is also known for appearing on television shows including 30 Rock and Ugly Betty, as well as writing the novel adaptation of Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen” — bears authentic emotion in the clip, which comes from his 12th album, entitled TIZZY. Truly, this is one busy creator.

To hear more from Val Emmich, you can find him on his website, Facebook page, and Bandcamp. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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