Vans Warped Tour 2017 Wrap-Up

Ryan Kwiecinski, 3 years ago
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Every summer there is one concert I look forward to more than anything; Vans Warped Tour. It is something I have been attending for years both as a fan and as a music profession. Once again this year I had the opportunity to attend as a photographer and as usual everything went awesome! Before I go into how great all of the artists were, let me just talk about Vans Warped Tour itself. Warped Tour is probably the best run music festival that I have ever been too. The people in charge as usual do a FANTASTIC job of making Warped Tour happen, so I just wanted to give a big thanks and shoutout to them. One of my favorite things that Warped Tour does is the FREE Water Bottle Refilling Stations. Warped happens every year in the summer, so most of the time it is HOT. Being able to refill a water bottle for free may seem small, but small things can make all the difference.

Now it’s time to talk about the music. There were many people I was excited to see, with Andy Black, Futuristic, Neck Deep, and Sammy Adams being the main ones. Andy Black put on a fantastic show, and with the fans watching his set one would have thought they were at an Andy Black concert. Neck Deep put on a fantastic show, as I expected based off of what I have heard about them. They are a seasoned band and their live show represents that.

Andy Black (Photographed by Ryan Kwiecinski for

Now we move on to Rap music. I’m a fan of all things music, and usually Warped Tour only has a few rappers every  year on their bill. Sammy Adams is someone I have seen before, and he put on a good show as I expected. A DJ or live band would have complimented him nicely, but he still showed out. Now, let me talk about Futuristic. I have known of Futuristic for YEARS now, but never really dwelled into his music too much. Well, as soon as he stormed on to the stage and commanded it as his own, I knew I would have to change that. Futuristic put on an amazing set showing why he is one to watch out for. The other rapper I checked out was Feeki, who was playing on the Full Sails stage. I was pleasantly surprised by his set that was both creative and fun.

Futuristic (Photographed by Ryan Kwiecinski for

Another band I really enjoyed seeing was The Gospel Youth. They too played the Full Sail stage, and I think they are a band to watch out for.

Overall, I’m sad to see another Warped Tour go by, but I am already looking forward to next year’s Warped. If you have never attended before, I highly suggest going to Vans Warped Tour at least once. Theres fun for everyone, and it is really cool seeing artists of all different backgrounds come together for this.

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