Vee- 3 AM (Prod. Adrian Adonis)

Megan Berberich, 4 years ago
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“And when they talking about me what do they fcking say?”

Columbus native Vee’s newest single, “3AM,” is a powerful joint with a menacing tone.

As the opera induced instrumental comes in Vee spills out his thoughts  into carefully crafted lines. Throughout the song he gives listeners clever wordplay (I’m Eric Garner, get off because I need to breathe) and punchlines while also tackling issues relating to his pain.

The anger and pain is authentic on “3AM” and that’s what makes it great. The technicality of his rapping is also refreshing. It’s clear he’s mad, but he doesn’t rush through the verses. Each word is audible and passed on to the listener through powerful, crushing blows.

The production by Adrian Adonis is extremely solid. The mix of Vee’s lines and the chilling opera instrumental is straight up ominous.

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