Velvet Two Stripes – “Hey Boy” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Explosive is a word that could describe the sound of Velvet Two Stripes, and don’t they know it. The Switzerland rock trio dominate with blues inspired angry rock — a genre they give credit to Jack White for bringing back into popularity, allowing them to put their own spin on the heavy guitar riffs and raw vocals.

Velvet Two Stripes’ new track, “Hey Boy”, takes this to the max. It thrums along as vocalist Sophie Diggelmann shouts “Fire’s burning and you’re burning with me”. There’s bounce and there’s rage. The video puts images to the power and shows fuses running along and setting items on fire as the band plays hungrily in front of footage of the flames. By the time the video ends, it’s as though Velvet Two Stripes have set the world — or at least their microcosm of flashing colourful lights and black backgrounds — completely ablaze.

If you’re looking for some old school power blues rock,Velvet Two Stripes have the sound for you. You can find more from the band on their website, Facebook, and Spotify.

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