Damien Moonstar – “SHWM” ft. Neno Keen (Music Video)

Damien Moonstar – “SHWM” ft. Neno Keen (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 08.16.18 @ 2:12pm EDT
Music Videos

Damien Moonstar is a promising up-and-coming artist who has a brand new video to prove it. Titled “SHWM (She High With Me),” Damien lets loose this incredible, cinematic-like visual featuring...

An Old Friend – “Lady” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 08.15.18 @ 12:08am EDT
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Sometimes you need to take all of the complex and significant aspects of a relationship and sit in the emotions for a few minutes. If you’re looking for a sense...

WorldArama ft. Mr1Luv & Neilm – Get It In Time (Music Video)

WorldArama ft. Mr1Luv & Neilm – Get It In Time (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 08.13.18 @ 11:52am EDT
Music Videos

“Get It In time” is a Hip-Hop infused RnB, Dance-Hall and Reggae record by 3 coworkers who work at the same day job while pursuing a career in the music...

Tritonal – “Love U Right” Feat. Lourdiz (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 08.10.18 @ 6:28pm EDT
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Almost a year ago we found the love song of the fall in Tritonal’s “Good Thing”. Now, as we prepare to say goodbye to the summer, the Austin duo are...

Casino Mel – “No One” (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 08.10.18 @ 5:13pm EDT
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Influenced most by music icons Lil Wayne, T.I., and the late Tupac Shakur these artists represent the level of success sought by the Carolina’s new MC. Currently riding high off...

Manny P – “Manny’s Phone” (Music Video)

Manny P – “Manny’s Phone” (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 08.10.18 @ 2:40pm EDT
Music Videos

“Manny’s Phone” is a melodic song, produced by Hero & ChromeOTB. The song captures how it feels when your phone is blowing up, but all you want at the moment...

Albert Hammond Jr. – “Far Away Truths” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 08.08.18 @ 4:29pm EDT
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Disappearance and reappearance emerges as a visual theme of Albert Hammond Jr.’s new video for his track “Far Away Truths”. The rhythm guitarist from the Strokes is making his own...

Earthquake Lights – “The Fix” (Live in Studio)

Kaitlin Ruether, 08.06.18 @ 1:56pm EDT
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Because “The Fix” is a song of personal struggle and resilience, it feels special to watch the creators, Earthquake Lights, perform it live. Earthquake Lights are a five-piece band that...

Couch Jackets – “Pillos N Rillos” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 08.03.18 @ 10:29am EDT
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Couch Jackets are back on the New Sick Music pages with their strange and shifting clip for new single “Pillos N Rillos”, which was released alongside their latest album, Go...

Jermaine Elliott – “100 Band$” (Music Video)

JonFromJersey, 08.03.18 @ 12:45am EDT
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Formerly known as J.Eliaye, NYC recording artist Jermaine Elliott created a buzz for himself in 2017 with the release of popular tracks, “They Say”, “Come Here”, and “Dial Tone”. With...

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