Hasse – Disco Dancer (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 06.03.15 @ 10:58pm EDT
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Every once in a while something comes into your life that asks questions: What is a music video, anyways? A visual representation of the music? Accompanying entertainment? A thematic exploration of...

Lil B – “Soul Food”

Samuel Conley, 06.03.15 @ 8:29am EDT
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In the midst of upholding his infamous (and quite scarily effective) curses on ballers Kevin Durant and James Harden, Based God Lil B has been unfortunately been recently slacking on the music front,...

Flight Brigade – “Housefire”

Kaitlin Ruether, 06.02.15 @ 3:10pm EDT
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With an incredible list of accolades and accomplishments behind them (The Great Escape Music Festival, support from BBC Radio 2, and an upcoming string of performances that include Glastonbury) Flight...

Fraser A. Gorman – “Shiny Gun” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 05.27.15 @ 10:51pm EDT
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Are you ready for something that could make you unbearably happy? Because the music video for Fraser A. Gorman‘s song, “Shiny Gun” exudes happiness. It’s a comedic, all-star (Courtney Barnett, Angus...

DEF Bananas – “Turn The Lights Down”

JonFromJersey, 05.27.15 @ 6:31pm EDT
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New Jersey rap trio, DEF Bananas just released the official visual for their experimental, self-produced single, “Turn The Lights Down.” The track itself was released a few months back, but...

The Weeknd – “The Hills” Video

Braden Young, 05.27.15 @ 5:25pm EDT
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After witnessing the leak of new material from The Weeknd yesterday (amidst The Rappening), the Toronto-native survives a car crash in the official video for “The Hills”. Abel Tesfaye first...

Bones – “Ribs”

Samuel Conley, 05.27.15 @ 7:15am EDT
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If you weren’t aware of him before, then you’ll at least recognize Bones as a collaborator on the new A$AP ROCKY album for track “Canal Street” (from which the hook and instrumental are...

Alessia Cara – “Here”

Samuel Conley, 05.26.15 @ 6:31pm EDT
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Wallflower’s of the world, rejoice – It seems as if you guys have your anthem for 2015. Newcomer Alessia Cara has enjoyed a buzz recently after her track “Here” (which nobly samples...

Mick Jenkins – “P’s & Q’s”

Mick Jenkins – “P’s & Q’s”

Samuel Conley, 05.26.15 @ 5:54pm EDT
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[As the video is currently unlisted, it can only be viewed by following the link HERE] At somepoint this year (date still TBC) Chicago emcee Mick Jenkins will release the highly...

A$AP Rocky Gets Trippy In New Video For “LSD”

Samuel Conley, 05.20.15 @ 3:14pm EDT
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In a beautifully visualised nod to the hallucinogenic drug, Harlem’s A$AP Rocky dropped the video for new track “LSD” in the past 24 hours. The rapper originally sent the video to ‘Based God’ Lil...

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