Vision the Kid – Golden Era (Mixtape)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Is there an emotion quite as complicated, quite as explorable as nostalgia? It’s been mined and mined again, but as sure as time passes, more material opens itself for use. Vision the Kid has jumped on the train with ease, skill, flow, and a stunning amount of intelligence. Golden Era does more than drop momentary references to an era gone — though there are plenty of little details thrown in (Boys II Men and tootsie rolls make cameo appearances) to get you in the right headspace — but it critiques a time when, frankly, life became complicated. There is simultaneous longing for the 90s, longing for a time before the 90s, and appreciation for where we are now evident in the lyrics.

But underneath it all is the genius mixing of distinct sounds of the 90s from Noam the Drummer. The EP necessarily relies on the two working in tandem, bringing not only reflective poetry, but full-on 90s living. How could Golden Era thrive without the sounds that made the era so golden?

Vision the Kid is the co-founder of Be Easy Music and has previously released his debut album, Lost Summer, which peaked at #12 on the College Media Journal’s Hip Hop charts, as well as his latest EP, BrokenRadioLove, which made it into the top 40. To purchase Golden Era, you can name your price over at Bandcamp. To keep up with Vision the Kid, check out his website, Facebook, and SoundCloud pages. 

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